We've built amazing landing/marketing page for our partner: Laagom, A Creative Agency & Startup Studio that provides Digital Products and Services turns to focus on client success.
We, at Waak Labs, are excited to showcase the collaboration between our team and Laagom. Laagom, a creative agency and startup studio, is dedicated to delivering digital products and services with a strong focus on client success. Together, we've created a remarkable landing and marketing page.
Tech Stack:
  • React
  • Gatsby
  • Framer Motion (Animation)
  • Locomotive Scroll
Landing page

More Screenshots of the App available at the bottom of the page.

Key Features

Our collaborative landing and marketing page for Laagom offers remarkable features, including:

  • Drag & Drop Animations: Enhance user experience with smooth, intuitive animations.
  • Smooth Scroll with Momentum: We’ve implemented Locomotive Scroll to provide a seamless, momentum-based scrolling experience.
  • Markdown-Based Pages: Create and manage content efficiently using Markdown.
  • Custom Cursor with Beautiful Transitions: We’ve developed a custom cursor with visually stunning transitions to add an extra layer of interactivity.

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Experience the power of Laagom’s Landing Paage and discover how Waak Labs can elevate your web development projects.

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    Waseem is the best developer I've ever worked with! Incredibly skilled, versatile, great communicator, and very attentive to details. He went above and beyond and made great suggestions for my website, I would highly recommend!
    Andres Larin
  • Jose Larin
    Co-Founder, Contento AI
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    Waseem has a true passion for building. His ability to break down a complex problem and structure it out is fantastic and he was instrumental in building allo spaces for us! He is proactive and preempts risks and downsides of, minimising them through creative solutions. A must have for anyone building an MVP!
    Pranav Ashok
    Co-Founder, Allospaces
  • Logo of Ancoraa
    Waseem is a smart developer with an obsession with product quality. He has a knack for finding unorthodox solutions to technology problems. We are thankful for his work on various features of Rezolution Engine and AI chatbot.
    Sushant Haritas
    Co-Founder, Ancoraa
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    Waseem is a pleasure to work with because he works hard to understand your tech requirements. And then he goes ahead with various ideas and suggestions that can make the solution make sense to the users. Pleasure working with you, Waseem. All the best!
    Ranjan Varma
    Founder, Adwiser